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Texas Sales Tax Permit (State Resale Certificate)

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Do I need a Sales Tax Permit?

In Texas, you are required to obtain a Sales Tax Permit (also knows as a State Resale Certificate) for a number of reasons. A simple question you may ask yourself is: “Will I purchase items and resell them?” If the answer is YES, you must have a Sales Tax Permit to legally do business. There are many circumstances that will require your business to have an Sales Tax Permit.  A few reasons are listed below:

Goods: Any goods purchased with the intent to resell require a Sales Tax Permit. This is very beneficial to you because you are able to purchase these goods tax free. You do not have to pay for sales tax when you purchase items that are intended to be resold with your Sales Tax Permit. Most legitimate wholesale companies will require your Sales Tax Permit prior to purchasing items from them. You are typically unable to open accounts with distributors, vendors, or wholesalers without a Sales Tax Permit. Even items that will be incorporated into another product (such as screws that will be used to hold together a toy) require a Sales Tax Permit.

Services: When reselling services in Texas, you are also required to obtain a Sales Tax Permit. This also provides a huge benefit to you. With your Sales Tax Permit, you are able to purchase these services tax free. This allows you to save on costs and resell these services. Some examples of services are white labeling services, online services, or in-person services.

Property: If you intend to rent out property of any kind that you purchased or rent, you will also need to obtain a Texas Sales Tax Permit. If you plan to rent out your home, car, or other property, you must obtain a Sales Tax Permit. This includes real or personal property alike.

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Before you complete the form below for your Sales Tax Permit, please have all your business documents and personal information handy as you may be asked for some specific information. This process takes approximately 15-30 minutes to complete. We ask that you complete all the information at one time to avoid any delays or application errors with the Sales Tax Permit process. If you have any questions throughout this process, feel free to write them down and email us either before or after you submit your form.

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